Monday, 23 May 2011

If you want to know the real me read this.

My name is john i am not from earth i am posting this because someone is chasing me i don't know what it is but they want me dead. I came to earth when i was just a baby my protector died when i was only 10 i arrived to a place what is now known as new mexico the year was 1765 when i came it was all trees now its a big city life. My people came to rescue me in the 1900s but they were gone i am telling this story because i know they are going to hunt me down they are not the people on earth they are gray and blue they are monsters. I live in Nevada and i have to leave now i can feel them in the country they will fiend my place very soon if i don't leave i am a goner like the rest of us. There are 5 of us who live in earth not including our protectors we all have to fiend a way to a new planet and leave earth. This is my story before i leave this blue planet and the person i never told who i really am i am sorry and i will thing about you till the day i die.